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            IoT and wireless technologies are rapidly evolving, changing the way we live, work, and play. As with any new technology, the IoT has many technical considerations in design, test, validation, and security implementation. IoT success demands that design engineers and device manufacturers address the five “C” challenges across the entire IoT device life cycle: connectivity, continuity, compliance, coexistence, and cybersecurity.

            Addressing the multifaceted challenges of IoT device design and test requires a comprehensive approach. Keysight’s comprehensive IoT test solutions span the network stack — from physical layer signal integrity to application-layer load testing and security. Stay on top of industry trends. Learn to innovate what’s next in IoT with Keysight today.?

            Innovate What's Next in IoT

            Conquer your design and test challenges while staying ahead of the curve with the 5 C’s of IoT.

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