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            5G networks deliver faster and more reliable communications. They open doors to exciting new connections to Internet of Things networks, autonomous driving, broadband fixed wireless, and faster video viewing. Delivering 5G takes end-to-end Layer 1–7 test, precision measurement, and deep network visibility solutions to de-risk 5G development and operation across the ecosystem.

            Introducing Keysight Open RAN Architect

            Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) offers integrated solutions that accelerate the development, integration, and deployment of O-RAN-compliant equipment, with suites tailored for chipset makers, software stack developers, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), mobile operators, and Open Test and Integration Centers (OTICs). Simplify?sharing results across the workflow from pre-silicon to cloud deployments by using a common set of solutions.

            Learn how Keysight’s KORA solutions and suites can address your Open RAN test needs today.

            Transforming 5G from Concept into Reality

            Innovate for 5G

            5G networks will open doors to new business models and provide a leadership edge for those who seize the opportunity early. Partner with Keysight and gain market-leading end-to-end insights to innovate, transform, and win in 5G.

            We Are at the Heart of the 5G Technology Revolution

            Whether you will develop 5G technology to enable a massive IoT, or to deliver ultra-reliable communications for mission-critical applications, or for enhanced mobile broadband, it will be imperative to design and test your solutions across multiple dimensions.

            Enable your teams to innovate both vertically and horizontally, both up and down the stack from Layer 1-7, and across multiple segments from chipset to devices to networks. Test across multiple RF channels, multiple carrier mechanisms, and multiple data protocols.

            Build for Scale

            Deliver 5G speeds and connection coverage by pioneering the greater bandwidth and increased capacity of millimeter-wave spectrum. Develop and deliver 5G products by taking a new approach to design and testing, from radio frequency propagation and modulation, to simulating vastly different traffic types. Gain early and sustainable advantage in the 5G market by rethinking how you:

            • Simulate product designs
            • Validate solutions
            • Optimize your network

            We help you re-imagine your product innovation processes to keep up with the accelerating pace and complexity.

            accelerate 5g design and test

            Bring Your 5G Ideas to Market Faster

            We’ve achieved our position as trusted advisor and market leader by partnering early with standards-setting leaders to understand and master the complexities of 5G. Break through complexity to quickly innovate, transform, and win in 5G with our leading test, measurement, and visibility solutions.

            • Design, test, and deliver 5G-compliant and high-performance systems with early access to insights that speed development and reduce risk
            • Use our integrated solutions to streamline workflows and ensure reliable results
            • Run secure and connected 5G services that work in the real world using end-to-end insight from the device to the edge to the core of your network

            Accelerate Time to Market with Keysight Services

            Today’s aggressive 5G performance and test goals mean you need to measure faster signal speeds to meet higher network and device throughput demands. Getting to market first requires agility and know-how. When you have questions that cannot wait, KeysightCare offers faster response times, faster access to specialized experts, and faster time to problem resolution. To help balance your capital expenses and meet tight budgets, we offer financial services and the opportunity to trade in underutilized assets for credit. We can help you win in the 4G to 5G technology revolution.

            Want help or have questions?