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            Effective Solutions to Debug, Validate, and Optimize

            Keysight protocol analyzers and exercisers offer an advanced verification system that allows you to capture the data traffic generated by various protocols, such as PCI Express (PCIe), Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), and Fibre Channel (FC). They also enable you to view and analyze the captured data to identify problems, find their root cause, and troubleshoot them. This makes protocol analyzers a very effective tool to control as well as speed the development and testing of the PCIe, ASI, and FC protocols.

            Find the Protocol Analyzer or Exerciser that's Right for You

            U4431A front  view


            Up to 16 GB of analysis memory on each lane

            Capture more data at higher speeds with analytic tools that focus on specific types of traffic



            Up to 1.5 GB data rate/16 GB trace depth

            Meet your mobile computing design needs with this combination protocol analyzer/exerciser

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