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            AresONE-S 400GE

            World's highest-density 16- and 8-port QSFP-DD test solutions

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            • AresONE-S 16- and 8-port model enables the industry’s highest-density testing in a single platform
            • One platform for all 7 speeds: 400/200/100/50/40/25/10GE with PAM4 and NRZ SERDES
            • 6.4 Tbps of line-rate traffic, with an option to synchronize multiple chassis to test 25.6 Tbps and beyond switching platforms
            • Complete L2/3 protocols emulation with IxNetwork software application
            • 2RU fixed chassis form factor to optimize power and cooling requirements
            • Flexible reduced, base, upgrade, bundle options for the ability to grow with scaling requirements

            Ultra-High-Density 400GE Testing

            8x56Gb/s electrical interface, PAM4 encoded technology is becoming popular with 400GE adoption. Most switch ASICs now support this new PAM4 modulation along with the legacy NRZ encoding used for lower-speed technologies—easing the transition from 100GE to 400GE. Testing all 7 speeds from 10GE to 400GE on these platforms has become a new challenge. Bandwidth requirements for internet applications are driving the need for testing line rate traffic of 3.2, 6.4, 12.8, 25.6 Tbps ASICs.

            Keysight has extended its industry-leading AresONE 400GE network test platforms to address these evolving market needs.

            All-In-One Test Platform with 16-Port Density and 7 Speeds

            AresONE-S is our latest addition to the AresONE family, doubling the density of AresONE in the same 2RU fixed chassis form factor. A staggering 6.4Tbps traffic generation capability, stackable to build higher-throughput testbeds gives you a future-proof test platform that can grow with your needs. It enables testing 7 speeds in the same platform with each port capable of the following speeds.

            PAM4 Speeds: 1x400, 2x200, 4x100, 8x50GE

            NRZ Speeds: 2x100, 4x50, 2x40, 8x25, 8x10GE

            Flexibility to Fit Your Budget With Pay As You Grow

            When it comes to testing hardware and software, AresONE-S offers you the flexibility to grow with your needs and fit your budget. That's why we made AresONE-S available in 8-port and 16-port reduced and full models that are field-upgradable from 8-ports to 16-ports, as well as reduced- to full-performance models. While the reduced-performance models are used for packet blasting and RFC benchmarking, the full-performance models are ideal to test carrier-class routers and switches to validate performance and scale of networking protocols.

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