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            Measure Dynamic Current And Voltage With Confidence

            IoT (Internet of Things) requires various devices to sense and process the data and to connect with the network. Accordingly, IoT increases the number of embedded electronic components dramatically. Characterizing the power rail current and voltage is critical to reveal how the device operates to improve the performance and optimize the circuit design to ensure reliability.

            The Keysight CX3300 series is an all-in-one measurement and analysis solution to solve your power rail, power delivery network, and power integrity challenges. The CX3300 series integrates an oscilloscope’s bandwidth and sampling rate, a DMM’s sensitivity, and data logger’s extended duration measurement recording to reveal accurate current and voltage waveforms.

            Anomalous Waveform Analytics

            Anomalous waveform analytics feature is a machine learning technology embedded in the Keysight CX3300 waveform analyzer. It helps you to capture repetitive voltage and current waveform exceeding a terabyte. You can immediately identify and analyze intermittent anomalous signals and events in the waveform that are not possible by manual analysis. Anomalous Waveform Analytics feature accelerates characterization, validation, and debugging on mainframe and PC.

            Solve Measurement Challenges Faster And Easier

            With its precision low-level dynamic current measurement capability at pA level and powerful waveform analytics features, you can:

            • Improve the device design and power consumption performance by accurate characterization
            • Ensure the device’s reliability by capturing rare anomalies during the long-duration operation
            • Shorten time-to-market of high-performance and high-reliability devices by quick anomalies identification and analysis from massive waveform data

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