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            Teaching Resources

            In classrooms and teaching labs, our instruments and software offer students experience with the same tools used by our customers in government and industry.?Our engineering teaching resources are designed to engage and inspire educators and students.?Let Keysight help you:

            • provide hands-on labs to equip the next generation of engineers with practical, industry-ready skills?
            • open the door for your most promising students with Keysight's certification programs and internship opportunities
            • bring theory to life with Keysight teaching kits that offer practical measurement scenarios

            Keysight's Educational Discount gives educators an opportunity to receive special pricing on academic tools and solutions. Explore discounts for educators with the resources below:

            Keysight's Comic Series is Here

            Presenting TECC Force,?a?secret?agency out to save the world with nothing but wit, grit, and a whole lot of Keysight tech.?Follow TECC Force agents Minnie and Kane on an adventure into the unknown, one?where engineering intelligence brings technological chaos into order.

            Join Team TECC Force on their adventure in the comic,?Conspiracy in Chaos.

            GET Smarter with Keysight

            Keysight provides engineering equipment, software, and resources to turn ideas like yours?into a successful venture, whether it's for a final year project or extensive research to remediate global climate issues. That’s our legacy, and it drives our vision to empower academic researchers, educators, and students with the cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to stand out above the rest?— in the lab or in the classroom.

            Keysight Education Webinar Series??

            By advancing the way you teach, you'll help students and reach new academic milestones along the way. We rounded up a list of webinars to explain key measurement basics and instrument fundamentals that are important for your projects. Our videos are available on-demand so you can watch them at your own pace. We also included handy resources that you can download with each webinar you watch.

            Student Resources

            Enhance your resume with industry?relevant skills, experience, and knowledge.?

            University Research Resources

            In the research lab, our history of innovation continues to enable new breakthroughs in science and technology. Keysight's solutions will help universities:

            • advance innovation with leading?edge instrumentation and software
            • showcase state?of?the?art labs through favorable pricing
            • gain assurance with Keysight IP and collaboration with our solution?partner companies that benefit from your research

            Case Studies

            Want help or have questions?