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            Keysight is actively monitoring the coronavirus situation as it continues to evolve and is proactively taking steps to protect employees, customers, shareholders, and local communities. The company is adhering to government regulations in all geographies, as well as guidance from public health agencies such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

            Keysight’s Pledge

            At Keysight Technologies, our mission is to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. As the world adapts to new ways of working and interacting with one another, our mission is especially relevant. We pledge to prioritize the health and safety of our employees, support our customers providing critical infrastructure and essential services, find new ways to help engineers accelerate innovation, and help local communities fight this pandemic.

            Message from Keysight's CEO

            The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruption for businesses of all sizes. I have never seen anything close to this in my 38+ year career, but I do know that, as leaders in our industries, we must demonstrate courage as we respond to this crisis.

            At Keysight, three priorities guide our response to Covid-19. Our number one priority is keeping employees and their families safe and healthy. We’re doing all that we can to protect them through site shutdowns, travel bans, work from home support, and rigorous procedures for the critical employees who are working at manufacturing and service sites to support essential customers.?

            Our second priority is ensuring Keysight stays strong for our employees and customers over the long-term. We want to remain a strong employer, while providing solutions for decades to come that enable our customers to continue achieving technological breakthroughs. Our Innovate Anywhere program is aimed at supporting many of our customers who now find themselves designing and developing electronics products from home. With complimentary software trials, we want to help our customers stay productive during this time..

            Our third and final priority is helping to fight this pandemic. We have customers, big and small, across a number of key industries, and we are proud to support the companies that are considered essential critical infrastructure and those who are enabling the front-line response with medical equipment. We are doing what we can through donations and support in the local communities where we do business.

            On behalf of the Keysight team, we are proud to do our part to help our employees, our customers, and our communities get through this challenging environment.

            Ron Nersesian
            Chairman and CEO
            Keysight Technologies

            Keysight’s Response

            Like many other companies and organizations, Keysight is focused on the following:

            Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees, Customers, and Local Communities

            Many of our manufacturing, service, and repair centers are back to normal business hours. At these locations, Keysight has strict protocols, physical distancing requirements, as well as increased and enhanced cleaning to ensure the health and safety of employees supporting this work.

            Other Keysight employees are working from home if their role allows. This enables the company to continue to support customers and advance key projects. Keysight has also halted domestic and international travel. The company is encouraging the use of virtual meetings and collaboration tools whenever possible.

            Supporting Customers

            Keysight remains committed to supporting customers during this time and minimizing disruption. The company is continuing to meet the needs of customers.?

            As many of Keysight’s customers adapt to working from home, Keysight launched Innovate Anywhere to equip engineering and IT professionals to meet these challenges and maintain productivity. Innovate Anywhere features complimentary 30-day software licenses for several powerful PC-based design and test products alongside resources to get customers up and running quickly and smoothly. Learn more about Innovate Anywhere.

            Helping Relief Efforts

            Keysight is helping its customers and the community fight this pandemic. The company is assisting medical equipment providers and their suppliers increase the production of ventilators and parts. In addition, the company is working with universities on new technologies for Covid-19 that would leverage Keysight products and solutions.

            The Keysight Foundation is donating to local non-profit organizations to assist with relief efforts. The company has also donated personal protective equipment and is matching employee donations to charitable relief organizations.

            Delivering on Commitments

            Keysight announced fiscal fourth quarter 2020 results on November 18, 2020.

            Keysight’s priority remains the health and safety of its employees and customers. Given the dynamic nature of this situation, the company will provide periodic updates to this page as needed.

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