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            Test complexity is increasing while budgets and technical resources are tight. Partner with our accredited EMC Test Lab in Boeblingen, Germany to simulate, debug and comply to over 50 global standards and regulations. Or partner with our High-Speed Digital Test Lab in Santa Clara, California to validate your design performance with the latest test equipment and expertise.

            Let Keysight Help You Be First and Best

            EMC Testing – Boeblingen, Germany

            New and emerging stringent automotive wireless standards and regulations are increasing the complexity of test. Also increasing is the time required to stay abreast of these governing bodies. Your pressure to pass or even surpass compliance testing has never been greater. Our lab testing service in Boeblingen, Germany, provides your test engineers with help to simulate, debug, and comply your equipment-under-test (EUT) to global standards and regulations. Our automated testing service is equipped with the latest equipment and design simulation tools where Keysight EMC test engineers perform accurate measurements and Keysight test experts solve tough compliance challenges. Start reducing your risk of redesign and product recall liability with our quality testing services.

            High-Speed Digital Testing – Santa Clara, California

            In designing high speed serial communication interfaces, testing is more complex, test times are impacting launch schedules, and high speed equipment is more expensive. And in that tight window when your device arrives, your test team must validate its performance before the design can move forward. Start reducing your test cost and speed your time-to-market by augmenting your test laboratory with our Keysight testing as a service. Access our experts, state-of-the-art test equipment, and test setups that use standards-based software. Our quality testing service offers three levels of testing: parametric, standards-based, and custom with access to Keysight application consultants who can assist with making measurements, developing a test plan, and tailoring a custom test setup.

            Get better business results by partnering with Keysight. Contact us to get started.