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            Cloud Visibility

            Dynamic network intelligence powers better security, visibility, and performance monitoring for the cloud


            Keysight's platform for public, private, and hybrid cloud visibility, CloudLens enables packet capture, filtering, and analysis to provide dynamic network intelligence in any cloud environment. A platform-agnostic, auto-scaling, and easy-to-use platform, CloudLens helps organizations do the following:

            • Reduce risk by capturing cloud-based packet data
            • Improve security and performance with actionable intelligence
            • Increase efficiency with intelligence filtering and load balancing

            With its unique cloud-native architecture, CloudLens is a natural fit for cloud-only and cloud-first strategies, along with organizations that utilize multi-cloud or hybrid environments. When network security and performance matter most, organizations trust CloudLens to shed light on their most vulnerable blind spots.

            Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud. See into any Cloud.

            Packet-Level Visibility into Your Public Clouds

            Public clouds offer elasticity, scalability, and cost savings, but a lack of packet data can make it difficult to prevent performance problems or secure vulnerable blind spots.

            When visibility matters most, CloudLens gives you complete access to packet data in your public cloud.

            Maximum Flexibility for Private Cloud Visibility

            Private clouds give your users faster access to applications and services. However, without access to inter-VM traffic, your security, APM, and NPM tools are not getting a holistic view.

            No matter your hypervisor,?CloudLens?makes it easy to gain packet-level visibility in your private cloud.

            Complete Visibility for Hybrid Cloud Environments

            A mix of public and private clouds is versatile, however many solutions are unable to capture packets in hybrid environments without complex and costly workarounds.

            When you need a seamless, stress-free solution,?CloudLens?gives you visibility without the headaches.

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