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            Advanced Material Science and Engineering

            Accurate characterization of material properties provides researchers with critical information that helps them create next-generation technologies and products. Through advanced materials research, the discovery of materials like semiconductors, metals, polymers, ceramics, and compound semiconductors has accelerated innovation over the last century.

            Keysight offers a broad range of solutions to meet the most demanding needs in advanced materials research. Our solutions include test methods and recommendations, instruments, fixtures, and software to help you efficiently and effectively characterize electrical and electromagnetic (EM) properties of your material under test.

            Extend Your Capabilities with the Right Tools

            Get more functionality out of your existing hardware today by pairing it with the right accessories to improve productivity and the right Keysight PathWave design and test automation software to accelerate your product development.

            Featured Resources for the Materials Test Equipment

            Veja todos os recursos

            Veja todos os recursos

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