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            DC Electronic Loads

            Batteries to converters — accurately test your power source

            Ensure your products work in the real world

            Keysight's DC electronic loads provide you with the flexibility to test a wide range of power sources. Perform both static and dynamic tests to ensure that your devices can handle the steady state and occasional transient loads. The 16-bit voltage, current, and power-measurement systems provide accuracy analysis. Using the built-in measurement system eliminates the need for a digital multimeter, external shunts, and associated wiring.

            Choose the right DC electronic load mainframe and modules to ensure that products meet your expectations.

            Extend the Capabilities of Your DC Electronic Loads

            BV9201B Advance Control and Anallysis Software

            Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software

            Keysight PathWave BenchVue software simplifies the creation of load profiles and data logging for N6790 Series

            DC Electronic Load Software  for N3300 Series

            Electronic Load Control and Automation

            Characterize devices with visual measurements over time with Keysight PathWave BenchVue software


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            Veja todos os recursos

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