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            Who We Are

            Keysight has a long history of advancing engineering to make the world a better place. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where our global workforce of nearly 13,900 employees can contribute equally to accelerating innovation that connects and secures the world. Together, we deliver state-of-the-art design and validation solutions to over 30,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

            What We Believe

            We believe everyone should be respected in the workplace and in their communities. We expect all employees and those with whom we do business to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that in an inclusive environment that seeks unique points of view, innovation thrives. And we believe embracing diverse cultures and different ways of thinking is simply the right thing to do.

            Vision & Strategy

            An inclusive work environment is at the core of our competitive advantage. That’s why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) values are part of the Keysight Leadership Model — which is the framework for how we run the company. DE&I is also one of four CEO-level priorities with quantifiable goals and actions tracked by our leadership team and Board of Directors. Learn about our DE&I focus areas:

            Advancing STEM

            We’re working to expand the pipeline of future engineers from all backgrounds through partnerships, sponsorships, and employee-led educational programs with key non-profit organizations.

            Assembling a Diverse Team

            We put recruiting programs in place to grow our talent pipeline of women and underrepresented groups to create a workplace that reflects the diversity of the world we live in.

            Fostering Inclusion for Everyone

            We work to build a workplace culture where everyone can be their best through employee engagement, inclusive policies, resources and practices, and leadership support.

            Creating a Place to Thrive

            We provide training and mentorship to support employee development at every stage of their career, continuously challenging ourselves to grow in our understanding of inclusion and how to harness our diversity.

            By The Numbers

            Keysight worldwide gender pay parity ratio is nearly 1:1, reaching 1:0.98 in 2020

            of Keysight employees say it's a great place to work

            of Keysight employees say when they join the company, they are made to feel welcome

            years in a row Keysight has been independently certified as a?Great Place to Work ?

            Always Learning

            Listening to our employees is key to strengthening our ongoing DE&I efforts. The MyVoice survey program fosters transparency and a sense of belonging by ensuring we’re aligned with employee values and providing insights on how to prioritize our efforts.

            What Comes Next

            Though we are moving in the right direction, we must continue to improve our efforts to create a more inclusive workplace. That requires transparency, holding ourselves accountable by setting and tracking aggressive goals, and implementing new DE&I initiatives that involve all of our employees.

            Future Goals

            Starting May 2021, our annual hiring goals are as follows:

            of global new hires are women (2020 was 31%)

            of U.S. external regular hires are underrepresented minorities (2020 was 42%)?

            of our managers will go through the Yale University Fostering Inclusion & Diversity program (goal of 100% in 2022)